Steampunk Masks Gallery

Steampunk – the essence of homage to vintage fashion with a modern sassy twist. Wearing a steampunk mask will feel like being suspended in a time warp dipping into the Victorian era as a framework but not a confinement, breathing life into the perspective of time and space.

Each papier-mâché mask is custom designed, we can change any mask to your colour and accessory preferences. They fit comfortably and being lightweight you will forget that you are wearing a party mask. There might be slight differences compared to the gallery photo, therefore a sample photo of the completed mask will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

Please click or tap on the photos for enlargements.

Thermopile Mask

Thermopile Mask – steampunk full face mask with leather art finish.
Code:  EMS33119(s)
Price:  € 36.80

Octant Mask Set

Octant Mask Set – cogs, chains and copper is what it takes to be steampunk. They can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; mask with joker curl € 22, front mask € 27.50.
Code:  OD33543(s)
Price:  € 49.50 per set

Steampunk Jester Mask

Steampunk Jester Mask – time flies when you are having fun. We designed a steampunk theme combined with a jester mask.
Code:  EMl33941(s)
Price:  € 32

Steampunk Phantom Mask

Steampunk Phantom Mask – it just seems logical to have a steampunk phantom mask, there is so much mystery surrounding the phantom.
Code:  EMm33200(s)
Price:  € 17.50

Phosphoroscope Pussycat Mask

Phosphoroscope Pussycat Mask – cog wheels and time transport you to the magical playfulness of steampunk. Add our delectable pussycat and you are set for fun.
Code:  EMS33909(s)
Price:  € 61.20

Alloysteam Mask

Alloysteam Mask – this would be the female version of the phantom, it is covered in industrial mouldings with a metal art finish.
Code:  EMl33104(s)
Price:  € 32

Vapour Scaramouch Mask

Vapour Scaramouch Mask – Scaramouch fits into this magical period nicely. Combining sophistication and fantasy comes easily.
Code:  EMd33003(s)
Price:  € 45

Mortello Steampunk Party Mask

Mortello Steampunk Mask – with this party mask we combined delicate period mouldings with alloy art finish.
Code:  EMml33289(s)
Price:  € 22

Wrist Laced Chain

Wrist Laced Chain – lace, chains and a key all combine into a delicate wrist chain.
Code:  ACC33008(s)
Price:  € 22

Steampunk Choker

Steampunk Choker – delicate chains and lace create the prefect accessory to your steampunk outfit.
Code:  ACC33009(s)
Price:  € 20

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